Herb Farmer Training Course

Welcome to the Herb Farmer Training Course

May 1st - October 31st, 2018

Herbal supplement companies have helped to shape this planet. Now they are helping
to reshape the national economy. In order to meet new food safety laws, and demands
from informed consumers the country needs to re-train millions of workers, and inspire
a lot of individuals to become trained herb growers.

Our company, Pangaea Plants, teaches students the intricacies of this world, from botany and bacteria to business and the USDA. They will learn modern, production size
herb growing and processing, receive food safety training certifications, and study sales
techniques and business management.
At the core of our certification course is quality and integrity. This focus will serve us
and our graduates by becoming recognized as a brand of high quality and efficacy that
will be trusted by buyers and preferred by consumers.

Coinciding with food safety and quality, there emerges every year a deeper interest in
sustainable agriculture and young adults farming organically. Our certification program
trains these young farmers and retrains older farmers in a specialty crop market that is
huge, diverse, and profitable.

Interested in this course?  

For more information Email: info@pangaeaplants.com