About Pangaea Plants

About the Farm

In a class of its own, Pangaea Plants is the only Demeter (biodynamic) certified farm in Western North Carolina, and has also earned organic and GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) certifications.

Pangaea, literally the “one earth” from which the continents were born, signifies the interconnection of all beings that is the guiding principle of the enterprise that bears its name, from planting to manufacturing. Mystics of every religion have felt this unity. Artists and poets have given it vision and voice, and scientists continue to discover interrelationships at cosmic and microcosmic levels, but farmers have always known it in their bones.

Pangaea Plants owner and land steward, Gabriel Noard, has over a thousand years of farming ancestry in his blood, and has has been working the land in Old Fort since 2015. Gabriel has a commitment to not only the organic, biodynamic farm he manages, but also to the local ecology; he’s reserved over 10% of his land for the diverse wildlife that helps to create the perfect, sustainable environment for growing his superior agricultural products.

Gabriel’s remarkable products have pioneered his relationships with large medicinal herb buyers, who take his superior biodynamic herbs and convert them into pure, life giving herbal medicines and supplements, which are then distributed widely throughout the state of North Carolina and beyond.

A Note From the Founder

I established Pangaea Plants in 2015, as a way to provide for my family in a meaningful way that contributes to the health and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Since my adventure in land stewardship began, I have committed to using only the purest, most sustainable manures, composts and plant foods either made on site at the farm, or within a 200 mile radius. The promise I make to my customers, and to the larger consumer base that I reach with my medicinal herbs , is that my products are grown to only the highest organic and biodynamic standards, with care, and always with the longevity of my consumers’ bodies and the earth in my mind and heart.